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ray ban black friday Sunglasses originated from an air force Lieutenant distress American. In 1923, the lieutenant flew a small plane across the Atlantic, deeply felt strong sunlight brings trouble, back to base, adverse reactions and even nausea, headache, dizzy.Based on this, in 1930 the Bausch & Lomb developed can absorb most of thesunlight, divergent less energy to maintain good eyesight, ray ban black friday clear the Ray-Ban sunglasses.  ray ban sunglasses black friday sunglasses in addition to have good protection function, the designer will design the shape styles highlight rough gallant soldier temperament. The characteristics of rough shape section clear, with good function of eye. During the Second World War, wearing leather jackets America pilots often wears a pair of novel and chic sunglasses, access to many countries and regions in the world, give people the impression of a heroic, ray ban sunglasses black friday dashing impression. USA aviator sunglasses is Ray-Bansunglasses. ray ban cyber monday Today, pretentious man still to wear a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses andproud. The sun, the friend with Bausch & Lomb brought Bausch & Lomb, is a tortuousexperience. In 1835, German born American Dr. ray ban cyber monday sale John began in New York engaged inby the European imported optical products business, but business soon, Dr. fellnearly bankrupt plight. In 1930, ray ban black friday 2014 Bausch & Lomb production Aviator Sunglasses were officially listed as supplies the United States Air force. In 1936, Bausch & Lomb will the sunglasses on the market, in 1937 changed its name to “Ray-Ban“. ray ban cyber monday sale ray ban cyber monday “Ray” means the light, “Ban” means the barrier, since the “Ray-Ban” brand launched. In twentieth Century 30 years, Hollywood stars wearing sunglasses gained popularity, which makes Ray-Ban Sunglasses listed soon became popular with Americans sought afterfashion jewelry. Beijing, March 5, ray ban black friday sale ray ban black friday 2014 - the end of 1945 with slot jukebox popularsinger whisper a serenade to cater to young dance wizard, hot dance skirt steppingrock melodies rocking. In twentieth Century fifty time; when the whole world is watching the dream come true on the screen ray ban black friday sale .